Waste management by Genista and the SuperDrecksKëscht label


After almost two years of project on waste treatment, the company Genista has been labelled SuperDrecksKëscht since February 2018, itself certified ISO 14024.

The SuperDrecksKëscht label § The International standard ISO 14024

The SuperDrecksKëscht is a set of actions of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and infrastructure, supported by the municipalities, the Chamber of Trades and the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg.
This collaboration aims at the national management of waste, the accompaniment in action plans for individuals but also for companies. The first action aims at implementing the principle of the hierarchy of objectives of waste management, namely that the main objective is to reduce the quantity of waste but also to reduce their harmfulness. Next comes the recycling of materials, the fostering of the principles of cogeneration, the incineration of waste in order to recover energy and the placing in a technical landfill.
This label is certified according to international standard ISO 14024 "The main criteria of this concept are the implementation of preventive measures, the selective collection of all wastes, the ecological storage and the treatment of wastes through Approved disposal companies guaranteeing the quality and transparency of waste recycling and disposal". The waste management of companies certified by the label is thus fully compliant with the requirements of ISO 14024.

A collaboration with the SuperDrecksKëscht Organization (SDK)

As part of an institutional and environmental approach, Cédric Gigi, assistant Chargé d'affaires in the group, undertook the project to establish an intelligent waste collection in collaboration with SDK.
The request and the accompaniment by this certifying body of the label has made it possible to establish quickly a statement of the treatment of our waste in order to put in place a plan of action.
This has resulted in different concrete phases which aim to act in an organised manner while complying with the requirements of the European directives. Therefore, in order for Genista to comply with Luxembourg law, the installation of a retention bin was the first priority, followed by the creation of foldable supports for small construction sites, making available to transportable crates for large Construction sites and the establishment of specific actions on plaster containers, PP-PE tubes and air filters.
At the same time, in order to carry out all these actions, staff had to be made aware of all the steps on the new collection, which is why SDK has provided support and training.
Finally to guarantee this action plan, it was necessary to control the procedure and to readjust the actions put in place, the aim being to optimise the collection and to respond to the reality of the field on a daily basis.
Because of its various elements and our serious commitment to the organization, Genista has obtained the label SuperDrecksKëscht Fier Betriber This February 2018, this approach already allows our institution to value the waste and reduce the costs Induced by its collection in a sustainable way. To further perpetuate the project, Genista wants to create strong partnerships with its suppliers in order to be the Common core of a circular waste management.

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