The friendliness of Genista in all its splendor


 The annual Genista event was on Friday,January 12th, the management chose to celebrate the first year of merger between Sanichaufer and Electrosécurity at Casino 2000 in Mondorf, where the entire team of the casino was able to be in the small care of all the Employees.

To start 2018, it's 204 collaborators who met to celebrate their first anniversary in conviviality and good humour. Small ovens, verrines and other desserts were in order to awaken the taste buds of the guests, followed by a buffet with different flavors that delighted more than one. The evening was chained under the sound of a DJ who charmed the guests with a motley choice of music.

At the same time, Nico Biever, Gilles Reinert and Alain Wildanger took the opportunity to thank some collaborators who celebrating their 10 years, 20 years, 25 years and 40 years of work devoted to society, a strong moment in emotion.
We can say that the whole team will remember this start-up evening which set the tone for the continuation of the year 2018.

Photo Album Casino 2000 Mondorf les Bains 2018

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