Genista Maintenance

Annual maintenance of your technical installations is mandatory and essential to ensure their optimal functioning.

With Genista, you’re making sure you never forget to have your equipment overhauled. With our online maintenance contract, you sign up once and in just a few clicks to benefit from a service that is fully managed by our teams for the duration of the contract.

Maintenance contract or unique revision?

Our qualified teams intervene for all types of technical installations

Heating Heating
Air conditioning Air conditioning
Ventilation Ventilation
Security systems Security systems

The Genista maintenance contract, Think about it once and enjoy peace of mind.

Whether you are a tenant or owner, the maintenance contract offer by Genista guarantees total tranquility.

On one hand, all interventions that are necessary to keep your technical installations running smoothly are included in your maintenance contract. On the other hand, we manage your maintenance schedule so you don't have to think about it any more.

Finally, our technicians intervene on all types of installation equipment from a wide variety of brands.

Any doubts? Feel free to contact us via our online contact form.

Landlord: You can link the maintenance interventions to your lease contract.

As the owner of a rental property, you are dependent on your tenant for the proper management of your property.

By linking a maintenance contract for your technical installations to your lease contract, you ensure that the maintenance of all technical installations is carried out on time.

An all-inclusive service for your peace of mind.

In fact, Genista announces its intervention to you in advance and can even contact your tenant to make an appointment. This way, you are freed from organisational tasks and be sure that your property remains in perfect operational order.

Your maintenance contract in a few clicks

Choose the type of installation
Choose the type of installation
Choose the annual maintenance period
Choose the annual maintenance period
Confirm your order
Confirm your order
Receive your contract by email Receive your contract by email

Tenant: The maintenance of the technical installations is at your expense.

As a tenant of a property in Luxembourg, it is up to you to manage your home responsibly.

It is therefore in your hands to organise regular maintenance of all the technical installations in your accommodation.

By subscribing to a maintenance contract with Genista, we ensure that you meet your obligations for the entire duration of your lease term without even having to think about it.

In addition to avoiding breakdown or repair costs, you benefit from a maintenance service that manages the regularity of interventions on your behalf.

Regular maintenance prevents breakdowns.

If there is one thing we would gladly do without, it is the breakdown of domestic installations.

Particularly as it is shown that breakdowns occur mostly as a result of a lack of maintenance.

Heating failure, air conditioning standstill, inoperative security system. It is particularly frustrating not to be able to fully enjoy the comfort of one's technical installation because of a breakdown.

Don't let this kind of disappointment disrupt your daily life. Genista manages your maintenance schedule for you and intervenes regularly to ensure the smooth running of all your technical installations.

Configure your maintenance contract online.
Genista takes over for your peace of mind!

Do you need personalised support?

Contact our teams, we stay at your disposal to guide you throughout the process.

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