Genista virtually opens the doors of its new headquarters, located in Fentange.


Announced to the general public last year, the construction project of the new headquarters of Genista today is concretizing.

The leader of different building technologies wanted to share on the web the first images of what will be the new reception: a room of 500 m2 to receive the customers in a calm, luminous and powerful environment. The design of the building was entrusted to Swenen Architecture & Design and the design of the reception / showroom spaces at the Dagli architecture studio.

This move will be the last step of the merger Sanichaufer and Electro Security.

"Our customers will be welcomed on thematic podiums. Whether it was for them or for our employees, we had to create, from the entrance, an environment that suited us and in line with our culture and philosophy. [...] We are looking forward to bringing all our teams together under the same roof. Cohesion is, in our opinion, synonymous with performance and success. In addition, we have been reserving them a few surprises. I can’t wait but we will still be patient " says Alain Wildanger, managing director of Genista.




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