We are moving ! New headquarters, new address


Fresh Start

We have the great pleasure to inform you that on June 24th, Genista (formerly Sanichaufer and Electro Security) will move to its new premises, located at 1, Op de Leemen L-5846 Fentange.

For us, however, this is more than just a move: our teams and management will experience it as a new beginning and, above all, as the completion of the merger between the two former companies that was announced a few years ago.

Our new headquarters, commonly known as CASA Genista, will house all teams in the same building, which were previously divided between Dudelange and Munsbach.

Feeling good

Through this construction, we wish to highlight our know-how, our professionalism and above all our philosophy. HVAC, sanitary, electricity, home automation, security, telephony and IP networks; all our skills will be represented.

It is one of our priorities to create a pleasant workplace at the cutting edge of technology and thus ensuring the well-being of our employees.

Near zero energy building

The technical feat focuses on the management of different energies. We have chosen technically advanced concepts such as geothermal energy, thermoactive ceilings, solar panels, natural ventilation or centralized and automated regulation.

The CASA Genista will be an energy-efficient building with the objective of achieving an annual energy balance close to 0.


Our new contact details:

Address: 1, Op de Leemen L-5846 Fentange

BP 80 L-5801 Hesperange

Phone: +352 406 406-1

Fax: +352 406 407


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Heating, air conditioning, sanitary

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On-call duty :

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