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Global warming is more than ever at the heart of all economic, political and societal concerns, and is present in the minds of all of us. No one can still doubt the disruption we are witnessing and the role we must play in this ecological transition. We are confronted with a multiplicity of unusual natural events and, at the same time, with a marked increase in the price of gas and electricity.

Luxembourg has shown its willingness to accelerate the actions to be taken to become a sustainable and carbon neutral society. The country is showing its support for the various actors in the territory, municipalities, companies and inhabitants, by setting up various programmes and financial aid. One of the main objectives is to provide clean and affordable energy. The subsidies created are allocated to households that plan to invest in renewable energy for their own comfort while preserving the planet.

Extract from the National Review, Agenda 2030 - Luxembourg in transition "Preparing and preserving the future": "The share of energy expenditure in total household expenditure has developed favourably until the beginning of the year. The government is multiplying its efforts to limit the effects of the drastic increase in energy costs that the world will experience in 2022, both through direct aid to households in fuel poverty or to the companies most affected and through fiscal measures".

Renewable energy refers to the use of so-called inexhaustible resources, such as the sun, wind, the movement of water and the heat of the earth. It is these energies (water, heating and electricity), which are essential to our lives and comfort, that certain efforts can be made.

As a first step, Genista advises you to acquire some simple reflexes every day to save money. Open the shutters to let the light in, lower your thermostat by one degree, replace your old light bulbs with LED bulbs. As far as your heating system is concerned, you can start by having a professional energy assessment called a "Heizungscheck". This will quickly show you the potential of your system at a lower cost. It is also important to remember that regular maintenance of your installations is important to avoid over-consumption and high bills. 

Secondly, other means can be considered. As an expert in building techniques and sensitive to sustainable development, Genista will be able to offer you solutions for the future. Our teams have the skills to install and maintain solar and photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and electrical terminals in line with your needs and respect for the environment.

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