Genista officially becomes a responsible company


Safety, equality, well-being and energy transition are concepts that have long resonated in the minds of our management. As an expert in building technology, Genista is constantly adapting its approach to energy use and the products it uses for its customers. The company has been developing an ecological awareness for many years. After the construction of the Casa Genista in 2020, and the implementation of a new way of living together, obtaining the ESR label is simply the logical next step for us.
The ESR (Entreprise socialement responsable) or RSE (Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises) label is awarded to companies that make social, societal and environmental issues an integral part of their strategy in the way they sell, hire, communicate and manage their processes.
"Not everything can be perfect and we are not alone in this environmental shift. But as a value creator we can control our impact, we have a responsibility and we can't ignore it," says Florence Zeller, Finance and Human Resources Director.
Genista wants to be one of the companies in the economic fabric that are moving towards this model through simple, easy-to-implement measures.
Obtaining the label has made us rethink the company's strategy in the broadest sense of the word by developing our basic concept, FEELING GOOD.
Our efforts will focus on the three fundamental issues of the label:

  • Environmental issues with the promotion of the ecological transition,
  • Internal social issues with the promotion of safety, health, continuous training and well-being at work,
  • Societal and economic issues with the strengthening of partnerships and quality of service.

"This commitment has also changed the products sold on the market, the way we manage our human resources, the way we source our products, the way we choose our suppliers, and much more," explains Nico Biever, Associate Director.

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