City of Dudelange: Energy Saving Fair


Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of taking part in the Energy Saving Fair, initiated and organised by the City of Dudelange. The town's environmental department, Klima-agence and other local businesses were on hand to welcome and inform visitors.

From our side, it was an opportunity to talk about our expertise in charging stations, heat pumps and photovoltaic panels, and to steer households towards sustainable solutions.

"It was a great day, and a pleasure to meet so many people who were curious and interested in these installations. We had a lot of enquiries about photovoltaic systems, and appointments to carry out full studies were made directly at the show," says Julien Picchia, Sales Manager.

Many thanks to him and his colleagues Florian Vila, Yves Girola and Emanuele Giraldo for representing us at the show.

And thanks to the municipality of Dudelange for their support.

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