International Women's Rights Day


8 March is International Women's Rights Day, but it is important to point out that gender equality, especially within a society, is an ongoing priority.

Unsurprisingly, the construction market is considered a male-dominated sector. Current jobs in this sector also involve skills in safety, construction techniques, project management and team management regardless of the gender of the person holding the job.

Although the construction industry may not at first glance be attractive to women, the fact remains that job opportunities and career development do exist.

Within Genista, we notice that some positions requiring advanced technical skills are filled by women. This trend has been increasing slightly for several years.

"Giving everyone a chance with Genista's open-mindedness is one of the greatest strengths of our company. Whether it's equal pay, equal opportunities or equal parenting, Genista maintains this fairness at every stage of consideration.

Equity may not be perfect in our sector, but the female profiles in the teams bring a different perspective", says Florence Zeller, Administrative and Financial Director. She adds: "Obtaining the ESR label does not mean the end of this fight, on the contrary it reinforces it.”

On this occasion, other women at Genista wanted to share their feelings.

Here they are 👇

"As a business manager, I have to deal with male teams on a daily basis. With experience, I have been able to adapt and express my way of working. We have established a relationship of trust with my team to provide quality work and respect. The macho side of the site exists but we can and should give it less power.”

"As a technical secretary in the Maintenance & Repair department for the past 8 years at Genista, I have gained solid technical skills and have been able to acquire certain reflexes to advise and even repair our customers over the phone. It would be idealistic to say that it is not difficult to work in a construction company as a woman. It is a common struggle, in any sector, in any position. You must not give up and continue to develop your self-confidence.

I have no doubts about my position. We bring another way of working and composing which is equally important for the balance within a company.

Finally, our management has always been conciliatory and fair at every stage of my life. The family value it conveys is felt.”

Genista is convinced that the place of women is everywhere and must be valued in the same way as men. Our difference and our complementarity ensure a beautiful professional harmony. But this must never be seen as a problem.

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